Medicine Trip

Photo courtesy Nick Vitone

Emory Medishare is a branch of Project Medishare, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Emory Medishare sends teams of medical workers to Thomonde in the Central Plateau of Haiti to assist Medishare’s local medical staff to set up clinics in the surrounding villages, train local healthcare workers, and assist in the improvement of the healthcare infrastructure.

Medical Trips
Emory Medishare’s Thanksgiving medical trip seeks to provide primary health care to the rural communities of Haiti’s Central Plateau. During this week long trip, a team of doctors and medical students run a series of mobile clinics tailored to the primary care needs of the communities. For the people living in the Central Plateau, primary health care is typically a 6-hour walk away. Project Medishare, understanding this need, sends multiple trips each year to increase accessibility to care.

During the typical medical mission trip, the team sees over 1300 patients in one week with follow-up care provided by the permanent clinic in Thomonde. Some of the more prevalent diseases of poverty that are diagnosed and managed each trip include: malaria, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, skin infections, parasites and diarrheal diseases. After these trips, health surveillance is conducted by Project Medishare’s community health workers, local residents who provide important basic health services for their communities.

Primary Contact: Gillian Baptiste and Louisa Wall

Project Casse is a capital campaign designed to provide sustainable, full-time access to care in rural Haiti. Our vision is to transform the current dispensary in Casse, Haiti into a fully functioning year-round primary care center that includes complete maternity care as well. Our efforts subdivide into three chronological phases:

  • Phase 1: Renovating the existing dispensary to accomodate full-time primary care services
  • Phase 2: Building on a maternal health center to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality
  • Phase 3: Building on a physician’s residence to allow for 24-hour access to medical personnel

To learn more about Project Casse, click here to view our introductory pamphlet (PDF).