Week 1 down!…ready for round deux

We finished our first OR week last year with a total of 21 cases at Hospital St. Therese in Hinche and 9 cases at Hospital Bienfaisance in Pignon. We saw 87 patients in clinic, including 9 follow-up patients from previous years. We also performed more challenging cases this year including a hemithyroidectomy, nephrectomy, and (reportedly) the largest prostatectomy in Haiti! We also had a patient with significant blood loss that unfortunately was only able to receive 1 unit of blood from the blood bank (due to per patient restrictions) and required an epinephrine infusion (titrated by counting the drops per minute) throughout the night. The students received a crash course in ICU care and fortunately, all of these patients are recovering well.

We celebrated the end of a great week with an annual tradition of a team talent show at the local bar, Holly Wood Night Club (formerly named Crystal). We have an array of talent among our crew. Dr. Roser read one of his favorite poems “Casey at the Bat,” Dr. Parker serenaded us with his banjo, Maddie (M4) drew a homage to our attendings, several people gave their best Dr. Carney impersonations and Annie (M3) wrote a poem featuring some favorite memories from the trip:


“I remember finally getting an IV in a patient,

I remember being embraced by the staff here,

I remember ‘if I stay here any longer I may go to Haitian jail,’

I remember playing street soccer with little kids,

I remember the deep deep grace our patients have shown us.”


As we move forward into the next week, we look forward to welcoming a new team to Hinche–some strong returning members and many new faces, including the M1s! Dr. Srinivasan and Dr. Broecker will lead the operative team and Dr. Caridi-Scheible will lead the anesthesia team.

Some highlights from this past week:

osiris and carney

Working alongside our Haitian counterparts



Reposing after a long day


Amir had a great time with his patients


But not so great a time with his bug net!


Thank you Team 1 for an amazing week!



Team 2 let’s go!

Emory Medishare