Surgery Trip 2016: Ready for Departure

Dear Friends, Donors, and Colleagues,

Emory Medishare Surgery Trip is almost under way! We have spent the past 10 months coordinating schedules, raising money, and acquiring supplies, medications, and forms. In a few short hours the M4 students including Jesse Rappaport, Justine Broecker, Luke Philipp, Carrie Poorman, Wen Liu, and Maddie Lagina will be heading from Atlanta to Hinche. We will take our flight through Miami to Port-au-Price and then spend 2-3hrs driving over the mountains of Haiti to Hospital St. Therese (HST) in Hinche on the Central Plateau.



Over the course of the next three weeks, we will be sending two operative teams to work in Hinche. The first team consists of surgeons Dr. Sharma, Dr. Carney, Dr. Parker, and Dr. Haack, and anesthesiologist Dr. O’Reilly-Shah. The second team includes surgeons Dr. Srinivasan and Dr. Broecker and anesthesiologist Dr. Caridi-Sheible. We are also bringing one surgical resident, Dr. Rajdev, two anesthesiology residents, Dr. Macias and Dr. Evans, and one anesthesiology fellow, Dr. Li.

The past couple of weeks the students have been packing our supplies, practicing our skills, and teaching each other about Haiti and Global Surgery.


 IMG_8852.JPG copy

This year we have strived to make progress in our past partnerships as well as forge new ones. We started by revamping our patient charts to be more extensive and cohesive. We hope to make the transition of our work back to the hospital easier with a succinct transfer of care cover sheet for the Haitian hospital workers. We have been working closely with the nursing staff at HST and will have our staff conducting various teaching sessions throughout our stay. We hope the expand our care capabilities through additional tests such as urinalysis as well as working closely with local pathologists to pilot a clinical feasibility endeavor for Telepathology.


In addition to our work at HST, we will be sending a small team to Hospital Bienfaisance in Pignon, Hinche to foster a new partnership with Promise for Haiti. This will be a shorter trip lead by Dr. Sharma on the first half and Dr. Haack on the second testing our ability to expand our global impact in Haiti. They will be accompanied by anesthesiologist Dr. Lynde and OMFS Dr. Roser who will be assessing for future endeavors.


We are looking forward to our trip as it quickly approaches!

We plan to update you along the way with (hopefully) daily updates and pictures.


Till Haiti!



Emory Medishare