Smooth Sailing?!

Howdy friends, family, and followers (hi mom!),

Today was another busy day at Hopital St-Therese. It was a day for ironing out any kinks in the machine, and we are proud to say we’ve made huge strides since yesterday. After a long meeting last night, we went into the day with plans to improve flow through clinic, in the operating rooms, on the wards, and out of the supply rooms. We spent the night improving the flow through someone’s clotted catheter bag in order to get in the proper flow mindset. We are all about flow.


Dr. Carney and Dr. Osiris, the Haitian urologist, probably talking about flow.

We were able to get our hands on some medications from the local stash to hold us over while our medications are still being held hostage in Port-au-Prince. This was a huge step in the right direction for booking patients for surgery and discharging non-surgical patients from clinic. We completed four cases today – orchiectomy, pediatric inguinal hernia repair, a pediatric urethral exam under anesthesia, and our first prostatectomy so night shifts will be in full swing with the ward quickly filling up. No one got electrocuted in the OR today! We are working on our Creole in order to keep the wards nurses updated – they have been incredibly welcoming and helpful, saving us from overflowing bedpans and q5min vital signs.


No electrocutions! Exciting for our anesthesia attending, Dr. O’Reilly-Shah.


Wen and Annie (BIRTHDAY GIRL) hanging out with Dr. Osiris and wards nurses.


Another shot of the birthday girl, enjoying her birthday (also, Amir).


M4s taking on clinic!

As always, a significant amount of energy went towards organizing our endless bags of supplies. With three supply rooms and only one key, it’s a constant pinball game to gather the supplies needed in order to discharge a patient, do a procedure, or prep for an operation. That being said, we are  really getting the hang of it.

Tomorrow will be a big day, as Dr. Sharma is heading off to explore another hospital in Pignon with Jesse(M3) and Luke. We will have to make some adjustments without our fearless leader, but we’re looking forward to welcoming Dr. Haack to Hinche!! Luckily, Dr. Haack is bringing a BP monitor so we don’t need to turn a med student into an OR BP-monitoring machine, and also don’t have to deal with shotty wrist-BP monitor that Jesse(M4) used.


May be an inaccurate read, may be that he was just nervous, certainly might explain his headache.


Safe travels to Pignon!

Note: all patients pictured in blog have consented to having their photo taken.

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