Hitting the Ground Running

Today marks the first operative day of our second week here at Hospital St. Therese.

After a weekend with a little more sleep and bolstered by our new bright-eyed and well-rested compadres, we took on the new week in strides. The day started with a tour of the compound, the OR, and our supplies. By 9am the clinic was in full swing again and by 10am our anesthesiology team was putting our first patient to sleep. Throughout the day we shifted our schedule over the typical hurdles with much more ease and completed four major cases and one minor procedure.



No lights, but the internet works again!

Our second week contains a mix of veterans and newbies; some are here for their 5th or 6th time while some are new even to medicine itself. The freshly minted M2 students have taken this charge with high spirits. The M4s have reciprocated this enthusiasm for learning with an enthusiasm for teaching by pairing with M2s, assisting with pre-op consenting, IV placement, scrubbing/gowning in to surgery, and post-op care.


Beth, an M2, assisting for the first time



Goodnight all!



Emory Medishare