Gang’s All Here!

In preparation for a big first week, the M4’s divvied up the work – the fearless team leaders spent the morning making last minute adjustments to the travel and housing arrangements while the rest of the students worked on making some important phone calls both to follow up on last year’s patients and to ensure that the patients seen over the weekend would return to Ste. Thérèse to be seen by the surgeons during the upcoming week.


With most of the final tasks completed, there was not much left to do but buy a few cold beverages in preparation for the reunion with the entire team in the evening. Unfortunately, the search for Prestige, Haiti’s premier lager style beer, was foiled by a regional beer shortage. It seems that this year’s millet harvest, the grain used to brew the beer, was meager at best, leading to some harder times for Haitian farmers and a scarcity of Prestige in the region.



(A valiant attempt to find beer by one of our interpreters, Des)

But the search for Prestige led the team to discover some of the local sites, and before heading back to the hospital for the evening, a nice walk down to the river was had:




The rest of the week 1 crew arrived to Ste. Thérèse this evening without too much trouble



Gang’s all here and excited for the upcoming week!




Emory Medishare