Day One in the OR Down…

Day One in the OR Down… without any narcotics. And that was only the first fire we had to put out.

Today was a day for practicing the art of flexibility and thinking on our feet. We started the day by learning that two suitcases full of antibiotics, anxiolytics, narcotics and other pain medications that we’d brought with us the day before would be staying in Port Au Prince while we procured some surprise paperwork. Lucky for us, we also brought a stellar anesthesia team who looked forward to facing the challenge of being without most medications. What they did not forsee was the “shocking” nature of the general anesthesia equipment… they were literally shocked every time they touched the thing.

Meanwhile, most of the medical students worked to set up on our first real day of clinic on the other end of the hospital compound. It was a bit rocky at first, but soon we were able to set up a triage system that suited us and the flow well. We managed to see 37 patients (3 of whom were follow-ups from last year) and schedule 15  procedures on our first day in clinic!

New this year, through the ingenuity of one Luke Philipp, we have developed a way to take images of cells we acquired through Fine Needle Aspiration. We were able to better assess a patient with a thyroid goiter for the potential for cancer.


On the bright side, Amir brought enough bug spray for the entire team. And we only sweat through our scrubs a few times each.






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