Day 4 No Drugs

Another day complete! The team is getting into a good flow with clinic, the OR, and the wards, even though we are still without the medications that we brought down with us…

Today, we made it through 4 operations: a nephrectomy on a patient with a large renal tumor, a small bowel anastomosis on a child with a prolapsed ileostomy, a prostatectomy, and an inguinal hernia.



In clinic today we saw 19 new patients, several of them being pediatric cases. One patient that particularly stands out is an infant with phimosis who has been unable to urinate. We are planning to take him to the OR tomorrow, aiming to greatly improve this kiddo’s quality of life.

This evening was filled with a bit of nice R&R, including an introductory ashtanga yoga session led by Dr. Haack! Who knew yoga could feel so, so good.


We ended the day with a group lecture about prostatectomy post-op care and the usual team meeting prepping for tomorrow. What do you get when you combine a pediatric surgeon and a urologist? Well, we’re not sure, but here ya go:




Annie, signing off

Emory Medishare