Emory Medishare Surgery Trip 2015

Emory Medishare’s surgery team had another successful trip this summer down to Haiti.  We caught up with M4 Erica Ludi to hear her thoughts on the trip.  She told us about one patient interaction that she found particularly meaningful:

Ten years ago, my patient started to get a small hydrocele (fluid collection around the testicle) from playing soccer. Over the last two years, his scrotum had grown to the size of a watermelon with both sides affected. He couldn’t play soccer, couldn’t work and couldn’t have a physical relationship with his girlfriend. We were able to operate on him and drain all the fluid from around the testicles. While the skin was still stretched out and the road to complete recovery may be long, I believe we changed his life, and he’ll be able to fulfill his dream of becoming a police man one day.

They are a compassionate and dignified people. When one patient runs out of water, I see them turn to the patient and family in the bed next to them. Water is quickly shared. I watch them hold their heads high as they walk around the wards. Their suffering is not always minimal after the surgeries but they handle it with grace and positive attitude. I can only hope I will have the opportunity to come back more frequently

Thanks to Erica for sharing, and check back soon for more thoughts on this year’s surgery trip!


Photo courtesy of Erica Ludi

Emory Medishare