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A Physician Reflects on Their Experience in Haiti


International medicine and surgery trips to Haiti have proven to be a life-changing experience not only for medical students, but also physicians. One of our women’s health physicians reflects on his experience from this summer’s Women’s Health Trip:

The Women’s health trip to Haiti was an opportunity of a lifetime, I cannot wait to do it again. It gave me a chance to work with some great doctors and medical students and to learn from and serve the people of Haiti. I have no doubt that everyone of us came back changed for good in some fashion. While indeed it was a Women’s health trip all were welcome and we saw a full array of ailments in women, children and even in men. We implemented the best possible care we could provide these patients in this resource poor country, there was also opportunity for learning and scholarship from cases encountered. Last but probably most important, I was personally changed by the people themselves, their strength, perseverance and joy will influence my life journey forever.

Emory Medishare