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Surgery and Women’s Health Trips Return!

This year’s trips were a huge success and a transformative experience for all involved. A few thoughts from some of our M2 student-doctors: The Women’ health trip to Haiti was both a personally and professionally rewarding trip. I was able to see an absolutely beautiful and interesting country, learn more about women’s health in a community with a developing infrastructure, and understand the barriers that impede health care in Haiti. -S.M. Our trip to Haiti with Medishare revolved around patient care, in less accessible areas of Haiti via mobile clinics as well as in established clinic settings. As students, we were the first healthcare providers to come into contact with the patients by triaging them, taking their vitals and discussing the problems that brought them into the clinic. We presented these patients to physicians and preformed, while supervised, pelvic exams, monitored fetal heart rates, and discussed critical aspects of maternal health with expectant mothers. The trip was invaluable in giving us first hand experience with patients and providing ob/gyn care, as well as offering us unique insight into providing healthcare in a limited-resource setting. -E.G.   Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming Medicine trip!

Emory Medishare