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2011 Emory Medishare Surgery Trip

The 2011 Emory Medishare Surgery trip was a huge success.  Over the course of five and a half days, our team performed life altering operations on 30 patients.  Thanks to Project Medishare’s organization and radio announcements, our patients were able to travel from all across Haiti to receive surgical care.  Hernias were repaired.  Prostates and other masses were removed.  Two lives were saved; one from the clutches of sepsis and the other from a traumatic machete injury to the arm.

In addition to bringing specialized surgical care to the undeserved of the Haitian Central Plateau, we gained invaluable hands-on training in the operating rooms and on the wards.  Every Emory student provided stellar patient care, taking great pride in the difference they were making in their patient’s lives.  The amount of learning crammed into that one week undoubtedly has had a profound impact on everyone that participated in the trip.  Our lessons came courtesy of our fantastic patients, dedicated faculty and extremely hard working nurses.  Most of all, the second and third year medical students, working together, taught one another constantly throughout the week.  A strong core of underclassmen are already stepping up to lead next year’s trip.  In 2012, Emory Medishare will continue to make strides toward providing specialized surgical care in the central plateau.

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