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Medical Trip 2011

The Emory group returned home from Haiti after their seven-day Medical trip. The trip consisted of setting up mobile medical clinics throughout the Central Plateau of Haiti. The team consisted of 10 students, 4 physicians, and 4 interpreters. They were able to successfully treat hundreds of patients. Below are some student quotes about the experience and pictures from the trip:

“One week in Haiti felt infinitely longer than that, and I mean that in the best possible sense.  Our days were long and packed full to the brim, and best of all, meaningful.” – Cathy McDermott, M2

“I am totally honored and inspired to have been part of this group, and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to go. ” – Cathy McDermott, M2

“The “life changing” patients — the ones that have decompensated heart failure, glomerulonephritis, severe infection, early stage dementia, failure to thrive, or AIDS — that maybe 1-5% we see, we can help them. We might not be able to be the hospitalist administering their care, but we can make sure they get that referral, that money, that transportation to get to a hospital and get taken care of. And you know what? That 1-5% makes it completely worth it.” – Lindel Krige Dewberry, M2

Emory Medishare